The Tipsy Gypsy

Frequently asked questions


Do you do table service?

Not usually, we prefer to serve from The Tipsy Gypsy. This is great for you as your guests are encouraged to leave their tables and mingle with other guests.  Our staff will roam around, pick up empty glasses and bottles.


Do you supply the alcohol?

No, all alcohol and drinks need to be supplied by you. This means you don’t get charged any mark up on your drinks which is great!

In some circumstances a single event liquor licence may be required – chat to us about it


Can The Tipsy Gypsy attend an event in a public park?

Yes! However, you may be required to obtain relevant permissions and permits from council we can help you with this.


Do you have public liability insurance?



Are your bar staff trained?

Yes, all our travelling bar people have RSAs. We pride ourselves on stylish customer service and aim to make your event fun and professional.


Do you need power?

Yes. If power is not possible we can supply a generator at extra cost.


What are the dimensions of The Tipsy Gypsy?

2.4m high x 1.95m wide and 3.4m long including drawbar.


Are you available for a photo shoot?

Always !